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Benefits of ReelRobics™


•Burn Calories and lose weight

Being active is an important part of any weight loss/ maintenance programme. Irish dance is a great form of cardio exercise. The combination of exciting steps and catching rhythms will get you moving, increae your heart rate and help you burn calories.


•Tone and tighten

Irish dancing has always been an amazing workout, especially great for your legs! By adding lots of arm movements you get the chance to work the whole body improving fitness and muscle tone.



ReelRobics™ is the perfect way to meet new people. With a fun and welcoming atmosphere you are guaranteed to be working out amongst friends.


•Build Confidence

ReelRobics™ focuses more on encouragement and participation rather than strict technique, there are no wrong movements or steps. Dancing is also a fantastic way of improving posture, making you look and feel great.


•Learn a new Skill

Beginners can  improve co-ordination, learn to dance and get a feel for the music.  Former Irish dancers will enjoy the challenge of learning a new approach, while at the same time feeling the nostalgia of dancing their 1 2 3s again!